F-15 F-25 F-35 F-45 F-55-12 F-65 F-75 F-80-12 F-85 F-95 F-115
F15 - 1972

"For the prince who'd rather charm a dragon than slay one, the quest for the right sound starts here"

The aim of my site is to share as much factual information as possible, photographs and stimulate discussion about this series of guitars.

The information on this site is based on my own "F" Series guitar collection (pictured above) and on my collection of "F" series catalogues/price lists/advertisements and Fender brochures from between 1969-1980. I know that from various guitar forums that there is a need for information on these guitars and this website is purely designed to contribute to that need. I hope that "F" Series enthusiasts like myself will enjoy and contribute.

www.philsfenders.com is not associated or affiliated to the Fender Musical Instruments Company in any way.

This website is based upon a book written by myself, Phil Gillard. It is going to be published soon, for more information and to obtain a copy of the book please email me.

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